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Mark P. Cussen, CFP®, CMFC, AFC, has 20 years of experience in the financial industry, which includes working with investments, insurance, mortgages, taxes and financial planning. He has several years of experience as a financial author and has written numerous educational articles for various financial websites. He has also worked in retail, discount and bank brokerage systems and is currently working as a financial planner for the U.S. military. Mark has a Bachelor of Science in English from the University of Kansas and completed his CFP coursework at the Bloch School of Business at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in August of 2001.

Recent Content By Mark P. Cussen
Mutual Fund Education

Dollar-Cost Averaging Explained for Mutual Fund Investors

There are many different types of systematic savings plans for mutual funds, but dollar-cost...

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Specialized Funds

Value Investing with Mutual Funds

One major category of equity mutual funds focuses on securities that are considered to be trading...

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Mutual Fund Education

Buy and Hold vs. Market Timing: A Guide for Mutual Fund Investors

One of the many common debates in the mutual fund industry pits the advocates of a buy and hold...

Mutual Fund Education

An Introduction to Drawdown Risk

Mutual funds can be vulnerable to many types of risks. The type and amount will vary according to...

Load Funds

The Load vs. No-Load Debate

The ongoing comparisons between load and no-load funds have continued unabated since the latter...

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International and Global Stock Funds

Beginner’s Guide to Emerging Market Mutual Funds

Many investors who seek higher returns over time have become frustrated with the continual...

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Bond Funds

Beginner’s Guide to High-Yield Bond Mutual Funds

Investors who need to generate income from their portfolios often become frustrated with the low...

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Bond Funds

Beginner’s Guide to Inflation-Protected Mutual Funds

Bond funds are popular with mutual fund investors because they provide stability, income and tax...

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Specialized Funds

Introduction to Tax-Managed Mutual Funds

One of the chief disadvantages that many mutual funds pose for their shareholders is their annual...

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Load Funds

Introduction to Load Funds

Mutual funds first made their appearance in modern form in the 1920s and have grown in popularity...

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No-Load Funds

Introduction to No-Load Mutual Funds

Mutual funds can be classified in many different ways. One of the most common distinctions among...

Domestic Stock Funds

Beginner's Guide to Domestic Stock Funds

Although global exposure to equities can provide substantial diversification for a portfolio,...

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Mutual Fund Education

10 Reasons Why Financial Advisors Choose Mutual Funds

Mutual funds have grown in popularity over the past several decades for many reasons. They are...

Money Market Funds

Beginner's Guide to Money Market Mutual Funds

All fixed-income securities can be divided into two categories. Bonds and notes that have...

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Bond Funds

Beginner’s Guide to Bond Mutual Funds

Investors who seek current income from their holdings will often find what they are looking for...

Photodune 3316586 real estate market concept xs
Specialized Funds

Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Funds

Real estate has stood the test of time as one of two asset classes that has consistently grown...

Photodune 740045 tax xs
Mutual Fund Education

7 Essential Tax Tips for Mutual Fund Investors

Mutual funds are popular with investors because they offer diversification, liquidity and...
Mutual Fund Education

How Big Is the Mutual Fund Industry?

[Updated on August 29, 2017 by David Dierking] The $17 trillion mutual fund industry remains one...

Photodune 2828726 businessman hand touch virtual graphchart diagram xs
Mutual Fund Education

A Guide to the Turnover Ratio

There are many technical characteristics that reflect how a mutual fund is operated and its...

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Mutual Fund Education

10 Ways to Beat Inflation with Mutual Funds

Inflation is one of the chief enemies of all consumers and investors. This invisible force...
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Mutual Fund Education

The Benefits of Mutual Funds

From their inception during the Great Depression to their current status as the go-to investment...
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Mutual Fund Education

How Mutual Funds Are Taxed

Mutual funds provide many advantages to investors including diversification, professional...
Mutual Fund Education

What Is a Mutual Fund Management Fee?

Mutual funds cover their expenses and make a profit by charging several different types of fees...
Mutual Fund Education

What Is a Mutual Fund?

Mutual funds have grown to be one of the most popular types of investments in the world for both...
Photodune 2738628 finance report xs
Mutual Fund Education

How to Read Your Annual Mutual Fund Report

Mutual fund investors can find out how their fund has done by reading the annual fund report. All...
Photodune 4171505 stock market chart  xs
Mutual Fund Education

How to Read a Mutual Fund Table

Mutual funds represent a pool of securities that are either initially chosen or traded by...
Photodune 1907538 analizing data on computer xs
Mutual Fund Education

Understanding Mutual Fund Net Asset Value (NAV)

Mutual funds provide diversification, professional portfolio management, and liquidity for both...

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