Q&A with Carlton Neel, CEO of Chaikin Analytics

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Carlton Neel

Expert Opinion

Q&A with Carlton Neel, CEO of Chaikin Analytics

Ajay Singh Oct 30, 2019

Carlton Neel (CN): Chaikin Analytics was created to provide the best information that empowers our customers to invest confidently and make profitable investment decisions. We were formed in 2011 in Philadelphia and built our business around creating powerful tools and services for investors and advisors.
MutualFunds.com: What is the problem that your products are trying to solve?
CN: We are excited to announce that we have a brand new product launching in 2020 called PortfolioWise. PortfolioWise helps advisors negotiate the complex landscape of ETFs and allows them to build better portfolios for their clients.
MutualFunds.com: Why is this problem worth solving?
CN: The ETF landscape is rapidly growing, and with it the complexity and proliferation of choices, which makes decision-making extraordinarily time-consuming for advisors. We believe that PortfolioWise will help advisors save time, make better investment decisions for their clients, and communicate more effectively with them.
MutualFunds.com: What is differentiated about your solution?
CN: We are an impartial and independent research tool that uses a forward-looking rating system to help advisors make better investment decisions about ETFs. This ETF system is unique because it incorporates our stock rating for each of the underlying holdings in the ETF. Our proprietary systems rate over 4,000 stocks and 450 ETFs. In fact, we just won the Best Industry Research Provider award at the WealthMangement.com 2019 Industry Awards in September!
MutualFunds.com: What is the best way for prospective clients to learn more about you?
CN: To learn more about the PortfolioWise advisor system and even join the early adopter program, visit here. To learn more about the Chaikin Analytics rating system for individual equities and ETFs, visit here. Lastly, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for our latest company updates and thoughts on industry trends.
MutualFunds.com: Where can attendees find you at the conference?
CN: We will be at the Schwab Impact conference from Nov. 4 through Nov. 7. Our booth is 305-10. Stop by to say “hi” to the team and get a sneak peek at the PortfolioWise ETF system. I will be there along with Nick Webb, our EVP of Sales and Business Development, and Pete Carmasino, our Director of Advisor Strategies, to connect and answer any questions on the system and our ratings.

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