Mutual Fund Weekly News Roundup for October 10

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Mutual Fund Weekly News Roundup for October 10

Shauna O'Brien Oct 10, 2014

Gateway Investment Advisers Starts New Fund

This fund is similar to the firm’s Gateway Fund; however, it does differ from the Gateway Fund since the newly launched fund does not limit gains by protecting against losses through put options.

The firm’s parent company Natixis Global Asset Management has invested $10 million to launch the fund. Gateway’s CEO Paul Stewart noted “I would like to think it can get to $1 billion within the next two or three years, but that’s really hard to predict.”

Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management Launches Emerging and Frontier Markets Mutual Fund

The fund will be managed by Sean Taylor, the Head of Emerging Market Equities at Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, and tracks the MSCI Frontier Emerging Markets Index. It will also track specific countries in the MSCI Emerging Markets index.

American Fund Expected to Break Even

The firm has benefited from performance from certain mutual funds, including the Capital Income Builder fund, which performed better than 74% of its peers.

The improvements have resulted in American Funds pushing actively managed funds to its clients.

Legg Mason Reports September AUM

The latest data included equity inflows of $1.8 billion, fixed income inflows of $0.8 billion and liquidity inflows of $8.8 billion. The results included a negative foreign exchange impact of $5.1 billion.

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