What Today's Apple Upgrade Means for Mutual Fund Investors (AAPL)

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What Today's Apple Upgrade Means for Mutual Fund Investors (AAPL)

Shauna O'Brien Jan 05, 2015

Inside the Analyst Move

According to analyst Trip Chowdhry, Apple should sell between 40 million to 42 million units of the upcoming iWatch in 2015. He also noted that the first quarter should be a strong quarter for the company.

The analyst noted that the iPhone has been the the most successful product in Apple’s history – and every iPhone user is a potential iWatch user. For the June 2015 quarter, the firm now expects to see revenue of $46.8 billion (up from its previous estimate of $44.5 billion). The firm also expects to see earnings of $1.73 per share (up from its previous estimates of $1.60 per share).

High Expectations for Apple

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