What the Netflix Upgrade Means For Mutual Fund Investors (NFLX)

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What the Netflix Upgrade Means For Mutual Fund Investors (NFLX)

Shauna O'Brien Mar 24, 2015

Inside the Analyst Move

The analyst commented: “Pay TV packages at over $100/mo. are likely to start seeing pressure from consumers’ desire to unbundle, and from digital providers’ ability to offer attractive alternatives,” the analysts commented. “At $8.99/mo., Netflix offers access to one of the largest and lowest-priced online video content libraries, making it a top add-on for subscribers in an Internet TV world. In comparison, HBO Now is priced at $14.99/mo. Netflix spends more money on content than peers and boasts the greatest assortment of content.”

Goodbye Cable, Internet TV Is On The Rise

Yesterday, Netflix launched its service in New Zealand and Australia, allowing yet another region to access its service. It was estimated that 200,000 Australians have subscribed to the service.

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The Bottom Line

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