Thriving Through the COVID-19 Crisis
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Thriving Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Every fortnight, we bring you a curated list of articles hand-picked by industry veteran Kristan Wojnar to help you grow your investment advisory practice. Follow our Practice Management center to differentiate yourself with new ideas and build enduring client relationships.

This week we are specifically looking at pieces to help you thrive through the COVID-19 crisis. First up is a piece to help you work virtually with your clients. Our next piece offers client conversations that add value during turbulent times. Our final piece suggests how financial advisors can turn their anxiety into ambition.

If you haven’t adapted to virtual client meetings yet, this is a great piece for advisors who may not be tech savvy with easy steps to get started, as well as tips to reassure your clients.

- Working Virtually With Clients Even if Technology Isn’t Your Strength

We are living through extremely challenging times. This is a fantastic piece that offers 10 conversations to have with your clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

- Timely Financial Planning Topics to Talk About in Troubling Times

There is no doubt that this crisis is hard on us all. As an advisor, it is critical to acknowledge the stress you and your clients are under in order to guide your clients effectively. This is a great read to help you manage your own stress, while being a leader to your clients.

- Managing Your Stress While Comforting and Leading Your Clients

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