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Target-Date Funds

The Lowest Cost Target-Date Funds

Bob Ciura Oct 07, 2015

The average equity mutual fund expense ratio has dropped from 1.04% in 1996 to 0.63% in 2016, while bond fund expense ratios have dropped from 0.84% to 0.51% over the same time frame. That’s great news for investors because lower expenses means more money stays in your pockets. Given the proliferation of target-date funds using these products, investors want to understand the cheapest options available to them since they often translate into greater risk-adjusted returns.

In case you are wondering whether mutual funds are right for you, read why mutual funds, in general, should be a part of your portfolio.

Why Fund Costs Matter

Vanguard on Retirement TDFs

What type of returns an investor sees on their investment will always be a guessing game. Choosing low-fee funds is the easiest way to control costs and improve your chances at greater risk-adjusted returns.

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Attractive Low-Cost Target-Date Funds

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The Bottom Line

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