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Time Warner Logo

Time Warner Takeover Rumor Set to Reward these Mutual Funds

Jul 17, 2014

There’s been lots of takeover buzz with yesterday’s report that Time Warner (TWX) is being targeted as an acquisition from Rupert Murdoch’s Twenty-First Century Fox (FOXA) company. In looking at the media landscape, any deal of this size will come with the usual regulatory hurdles one would imagine. Some of the early deal feedback lays the groundwork for TWX-owned CNN as being a property that could possibly have to be divested to get a deal approved.

Looking at some of the top mutual fund holders of Time Warner shares below, we see some well known funds having made big bets on Time Warner:

Mutual Funds that Hold TWX stock

Will the Takeover Happen?

One last anecdote to consider for market watchers: Rupert Murdoch’s appetite for deals has come at significant market turns. Dating back to the $5.3 billion acquisition of Chris Craft in 2000, the $5.6 billion acquisition of Dow Jones in 2007, and a $12 billion bid for the portion of BSkyB that the company didn’t own back in 2011 all coincided with market peaks.

For now, Time Warner mutual fund shareholders may not be care about that last part, but instead just hope a takeover price only goes higher!

The Bottom Line

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