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Market Timing: Possible to Win, But It’s A Loser’s Game

One of the most popular beliefs held by individual investors is that timing the market is a...


Target-Date Funds: The Default That Is Becoming the First Choice

About a year before the Great Recession, prompted by a large amount of pension defaults, the...


Seth Klarman: Indexing Assures Mediocrity!

Seth Klarmanis one of the market’s most highly regarded investors. For many, he resides in the...


There Is Only One Person Who Knows Where the Market Is Going

Recently, I gave a seminar entitled “The Winning Investment Strategy.” The talk focused on...


On the Money Illusion

There is much discussion today about whether equities are overvalued. Stock market observers who...


Pascal’s Wager and the Making of Prudent Decisions: Active versus Passive

Last week, we saw how Pascal’s Wager led us to the prudent choice involving whether to purchase...

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