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Is the Market Overvalued?

For a number of years now, well-respected financial experts, such as Jeremy Grantham of global...


Most Profitable Sectors This Year

The stock market is a living, breathing organism that changes its nature constantly. Day to day,...


How Emerging Markets Are Faring in a Post-China Economy

Emerging market economies have had a tough go of it lately. China’s market collapse left a...


A Rate Hike Is Back on the Table and Your Portfolio May Need Adjusting

Investors felt a bit of a shock on Monday of this week when the Federal Reserve issued several...


Measuring Risk in Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are great all-round investment vehicles. As managed products, they come equipped...


Is There Structural Alpha in the Small Cap Market?

One of the most often heard claims from active managers is that, while it has become more and...


Evidence of Skill and Persistence in Mutual Fund Returns

There is an extensive body of evidence finding in general that on a risk-adjusted basis — using...


How to Play the Market This Year

It’s a trader’s market so far this year and quick-witted investors are loving the...


Broker Check: How Does Yours Stack up?

The proliferation of online activity has given way to unprecedented access to knowledge....


Sector Mutual Funds That Could Outperform in the Second Quarter

The U.S. economy experienced a rough start to the year. After falling more than 10%, the S&P...


How to Get an Edge in the Technology Sector

For investors looking for growth, the tech sector is arguably the best place to find it. Growth...


Can Analysts Pick Stocks for the Long Run?

Academic research has uncovered a persistent drift in stock prices following (and in the same...


A Look at Fund Flows for Q1 2016

Mutual fund flows were mixed in a volatile first quarter of 2016. The Federal Reserve’s decision...


The View From the Dividend Front

What would dividend stocks look like if you viewed them the way a fixed-income analyst looks at...


Unconstrained Bond Funds: Not Worth the Risks

Faced with a low interest rate environment since the financial crisis of 2008, many investors...


Has the Stock Market Topped or Can the Bull Run Longer?

It’s been a while since investors have seen what a bear market looks like. Bull markets by...


An Interesting Look at the Active Versus Passive Debate

One of the most hotly debated questions among investors today is whether an active strategy...


Is India Ready to Assume the Mantle China Left Behind?

For the past couple of decades, the biggest single economy driving worldwide growth has...


Style Drifting: Does It Add Value for Actively Managed Small-Cap Funds?

Investors choose mutual funds based on their investment objectives. In pursuit of said...


Choosing the Right Commodity Mutual Fund

It’s been a while since investors have had a reason to celebrate any type of commodity, but...


Success or Failure: The Evidence From Style-Rotating Funds

Actively managed funds tout their ability to successfully rotate across styles (such as...


Is It Time to Invest in Value?

Investors generally have two investing styles from which to choose: value and growth. Considering...


Individual Investors Overweight the Probability of Extreme Payoffs

There’s a large body of evidence within the academic literature demonstrating that individual...


How the Fed Is Managing This Market

In 2015, investors waited nearly the entire year – all the way up to December – for the...


Investors Behaving Badly: Sad but True

Thanks to a series of studies authored by Brad Barber and Terrance Odean, we have a large body of...

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