Investing with O'Leary

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Investing with O'Leary

Joel Kranc Aug 21, 2015

Now, one of those companies has a Shark at the helm. Kevin O’Leary, of Shark Tank fame (just to mention one of his ‘hobbies’) co-founded O’Leary Funds in 2008 with Connor O’Brien. O’Brien’s firm, Stanton Asset Management, acts as the portfolio advisor to the company. O’Leary Funds is headquartered in Montreal and works with a value-yield investing philosophy. Its main focus is to invest in corporate bonds and dividend-paying equities.

O’Leary Funds

O’Leary Funds has eight fund categories available: Canadian Equity Income Funds, Canadian Balanced Income Funds, Canadian Fixed-Income Funds, Floating Rate Income Funds, U.S. Balanced Income Funds, Global Equity Income Funds, Global Balanced Income Funds and Global Fixed Income Funds. Four of these – Balanced Income Funds, Floating Rate Income Funds, Global Balanced Income Funds and U.S. Balanced Income Funds – are closed-end funds.

Each portfolio, although related to a specific sector or allocation of the market, invests with the idea of income, capital appreciation and capital preservation as its main focus. It is the diversity of the funds that make them unique. In April of 2015, the O’Leary Canadian Dividend Fund, as an example, celebrated five years with an annualized performance of 10.5% and a yield above 2.9%.

O’Leary’s Investing Conservatism

Investors looking for a U.S. slant may choose the U.S. Strategic Yield Fund, with a weighting towards consumer discretionary stocks. Names like Universal Health Services, Microsoft, McKesson, Visa and Amgen find their way into this fund’s top holdings. Of course, O’Leary funds have enough diversification and asset allocation strategies to satisfy most investors.

For more on the other funds, performance and investment allocations can be viewed at

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