Becoming the Top 1% of Mutual Fund Investors

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Becoming the Top 1% of Mutual Fund Investors

Jul 21, 2014

In covering the markets from a trader’s standpoint, and then as a long-term investor and financial web entrepreneur, I can tell you that to get a true sense of investing success, long-term is really the only game a mutual fund investor needs to think about.

Staying the Course

To have the discipline to look at sell-offs as better entry points is the correct approach and one that will pay big dividends over the course of an investing lifetime. In 2008, as the financial crisis was gripping Wall Street, equity prices in some of the best-known brands were down 20%, 30%, and some even 40% off their all-time highs. Stocks were on sale! Fast forward several years later and those investors who understood that the move lower tends to not last long, went about their business and just kept putting money to work.

Putting It in Perspective

The Bottom Line

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