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Aaron Levitt is an independent investment analyst and author living in State College, Pennsylvania. His work appears in several high profile publications in both print and on the web. As an advocate for long-term globally oriented investing, Aaron believes that exchange traded funds have leveled playing field for Main Street. Following global macro-economic trends, investors now have several avenues to create great long term portfolios. Aaron is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University where he studied Economics and International Business. Aside for helping regular investors develop winning portfolios, his current projects include writing his first book about investing in North America’s changing energy landscape.

Recent Content By Aaron Levitt

Mitre Media Enlarges ETF Platform and Announces New CEO

Individual investors and financial advisors have continued to migrate online to find pertinent...

Mutual Fund Education

Traditional IRA vs. Roth IRA: Which Is Right for You?

Perhaps the biggest single item you’ll save for is retirement. It takes a hefty amount of cash in...

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Mutual Fund Education

Fulcrum Fees May Save Active Management & Your Portfolio

There are a couple of really big detriments that help govern success when it comes to investing....

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Target-Date Funds

Which Target-Date Funds Are the Most Aggressive?

Target-date funds (TDFs) continue to gain in popularity as more and more investors look to...

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Target-Date Funds

What Is an Index-Based Target-Date Fund?

It’s easy to see why investors continue to plow some big bucks into target-date funds in their...

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Target-Date Funds

Target-Date Funds with Hedge Fund Exposure

As more investors look to simplify their retirement savings, target-date funds continue to grow...

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Target-Date Funds

The Pros and Cons of Target-Date Funds

Designed to take the complexity out of building a portfolio that changes with time, investor...

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Target-Date Funds

What Is a Target-Date Fund? (And What to Look for)

Let’s face facts, building a portfolio can be a complex undertaking. There are plenty of moving...

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Mutual Fund Education

Mutual Funds and Securities Lending

On the surface, investing in a mutual fund seems pretty straightforward. However, even buying the...

Photodune 8001266 losing profit risk xs
Mutual Fund Education

7 Behavioral Biases Mutual Fund Investors Must Avoid

The majority of investors in mutual funds will underperform the market time and time again, and...

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Hybrid Funds

Beginner's Guide to Preferred Stock Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a great way for average investors to gain access to numerous asset classes and...

Photodune 4056506 stock market chart xs
Index Fund Center

Tracking Error Explained for Mutual Fund Investors

With actively managed mutual fund returns not being up to snuff, and—-for the most...

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Mutual Fund Education

Everything Mutual Fund Investors Need to Know About Cost Basis Reporting

For investors, buying and selling shares of mutual funds isn’t just as simple as clicking a few...

Specialized Funds

10 Mutual Funds for Hard-to-Reach Places

For many investors, the main draw of mutual funds is the diversification they provide. For...

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Mutual Fund Education

Under the Hood of the 10 Biggest Mutual Funds

Since their creation, mutual funds have helped investors—both retail and...

Actively Managed Funds

Mutual Funds and Pre-IPO Companies

For investors, nothing can be more thrilling than investing in stocks that just recently hit the...

Photodune 4171505 stock market chart  xs
Index Fund Center

How Index Mutual Funds Work

When it comes to mutual funds, there are basically two flavors: active management and index...

Mutual Fund Education

How to Research Mutual Funds

For investors looking to add mutual funds to their portfolio, making the decision on what fund to...

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Mutual Fund Education

The 7 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Mutual Funds

For investors, mutual funds continue to be one of the best ways to build wealth over the long...
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Mutual Fund Education

The 15 Most Notorious Wall Street Villains

Money can be a cruel mistress. While it can bring about real positive change, it can also drive...
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Mutual Fund Education

What Happens When Mutual Funds Are Redeemed or Sold?

For most investors, the idea of buying a mutual fund is easy. After you choose a fund and...

Photodune 316693 stock trader looking at multiple monitors xs%20%281%29
Mutual Fund Education

What Does a Mutual Fund Manager Do?

For investors, one of the key selling points of mutual funds is that someone manages the...

Stock market chart xs
Mutual Fund Education

What Are Share Classes?

For investors looking to add mutual funds to their portfolio, they need to familiarize themselves...
Photodune 3141605 stock brokerage xs%20%281%29
Mutual Fund Education

What is the Investment Company Act of 1940?

While you can argue for and against more government intervention on Wall Street, there have been...
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Mutual Fund Education

A Brief History of Mutual Funds

Despite being the number one way that many invest for the future, most people know little about...

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