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Daniel Cross has been in the industry as an investment writer and financial advisor since 2005. His experience includes being Editor-in-Chief of a corporate newsletter aimed at employee education regarding investing and retirement planning, crafting thought-provoking white papers for financial service firms, and myriad pieces of work that can be seen on StreetAuthority, MoneyUnder30, Investopedia, Seeking Alpha, Morningstar, and many more. He holds the Chartered Financial Consultant designation (ChFC) as well as Series 7 and Series 66 licenses, and has embarked on the arduous journey of obtaining the coveted CFA designation. Daniel lives in Florida with his wife, daughter, and two pet Tortoises ironically named Twinkie and Fluffy. Aside from contemplating the mysteries of the equity universe, he loves fishing, exploring America on the back of his Harley, and the most electrifying team in football: the San Diego Chargers.

Recent Content By Daniel Cross
Bond Funds

How to Choose: Bond Mutual Funds Versus Bond ETFs

Bonds are an asset class that most investors know that they need to include in their portfolios...

Mutual Fund Education

Understanding Fund of Funds

Considering that there were close to 8,000 different mutual funds in the U.S. alone by the end of...

Precious%20metals 360p
Mutual Fund Education

Investing in Precious Metals Funds

Precious metals like gold and silver stand out among commodities for being a little different....

Mutual Fund Education

Global Mutual Funds vs. International Mutual Funds

It might not seem obvious, but there’s a big difference between global and international...

Mutual Fund Education

Bonds Versus Bond Funds

Most investors know that the two basic components of any diversified portfolio includes stocks...

Mutual Fund Education

Growth Funds Versus Value Funds

There’s no lack of diversity when it comes to equity mutual funds.

Target date%20history
Target-Date Funds

History of Target-Date Funds

Investments are constantly adapting to meet investor expectations and desires. The first mutual...

Shutterstock 562449109
Mutual Fund Education

Different Types of Liquid Alternative Investment Strategies (Part 2)

It wasn’t so long ago that the idea of adding more than just stocks and bonds to an...

Shutterstock 230583019
Mutual Fund Education

Different Types of Liquid Alternative Investment Strategies (Part 1)

It wasn’t so long ago that the idea of adding more than just stocks and bonds to an...

Shutterstock 73139017
Mutual Fund Education

A Brief Guide to Investment Companies

Investment companies come in many different flavors in order to appeal to any investor no matter...

Shutterstock 593390546
Mutual Fund Education

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About 401(k) Retirement Plans

Retirement planning is probably the longest-running action plan you’ll ever have in your...

Grow money

Most Profitable Sectors This Year

The stock market is a living, breathing organism that changes its nature constantly. Day to day,...

Emerging market

How Emerging Markets Are Faring in a Post-China Economy

Emerging market economies have had a tough go of it lately. China’s market collapse left a...

Equity Funds

Top 10 Companies Held By Mutual Funds

It might seem like it at times, but investing is not a solitary activity. The market is a dynamic...


A Rate Hike Is Back on the Table and Your Portfolio May Need Adjusting

Investors felt a bit of a shock on Monday of this week when the Federal Reserve issued several...

Changingtrends min

Measuring Risk in Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are great all-round investment vehicles. As managed products, they come equipped...

Mutual Fund Education

Fundamental Analysis for Mutual Funds

Understanding how to analyze a financial product is an essential skill that investors need to...


How to Play the Market This Year

It’s a trader’s market so far this year and quick-witted investors are loving the...


Broker Check: How Does Yours Stack up?

The proliferation of online activity has given way to unprecedented access to knowledge....


How to Get an Edge in the Technology Sector

For investors looking for growth, the tech sector is arguably the best place to find it. Growth...

Mutual Fund Education

What (De)Regulation Q Means for Your Portfolio

Federal laws and regulations that are enacted can last decades, but they tend to change after a...


Has the Stock Market Topped or Can the Bull Run Longer?

It’s been a while since investors have seen what a bear market looks like. Bull markets by...


Is India Ready to Assume the Mantle China Left Behind?

For the past couple of decades, the biggest single economy driving worldwide growth has...


Choosing the Right Commodity Mutual Fund

[Updated on July 24, 2018]
It’s been a while since investors have had a reason to celebrate any...


Is It Time to Invest in Value?

Investors generally have two investing styles from which to choose: value and growth. Considering...


How the Fed Is Managing This Market

In 2015, investors waited nearly the entire year – all the way up to December – for the...


Innovation Equals Profit

A technological boom has been taking place for over half a century now, and it’s only...


Are We Experiencing a Correction or a Major Bearish Reversal?

After a lethargic 2015, this year seems to be signaling the beginning of a bear market. Economic...


Best Mutual Funds So Far This Year

It hasn’t been a great year for the markets so far. The S&P 500 is down around 5%...


Will This Be the Year for Large-Cap Funds or Small-Cap Funds?

Each year the market behaves in a way that makes certain sectors of the economy outperform more...


Buying Financial Mutual Funds in 2016

The stock market is a living, breathing organism, a dynamic maelstrom of economic influences that...


Best Mutual Funds for Earnings Season

We’re off to a rough start to 2016 with the S&P 500 down over 8% in the first three...

Photodune 2738628 finance report xs

A Brief Guide to Mutual Fund Allocation

Mutual funds are great investment vehicles that come with many misconceptions. Because most are...

Photodune 4171505 stock market chart  xs

What Fund Managers Are Predicting for 2016

Investors are hoping that 2016 will show a marked difference from 2015 for the better. The...

Shutterstock 303313142
Mutual Fund Education

Should You Invest in Alternative Mutual Funds?

The investment community is a dynamic environment, with new products arising constantly to meet...

Shutterstock 210225724

What to Expect in 2016 for Mutual Funds

It wasn’t a banner year for the stock market in 2015. The S&P 500 basically traded...

Shutterstock 228956803%20%281%29
Mutual Fund Education

Mutual Fund Diversification Fundamentals

Mutual funds are attractive investments because they offer a lot of diversification in an...


Fund Flows Reveal Institutional Investors’ Thoughts on the Economy

Investor sentiment is a powerful factor in the global financial markets. Belief can drive a stock...

Shutterstock 227114947
Mutual Fund Education

Taking A Closer Look At Index Funds

If you have a retirement account such as a 401K or IRA, you’re probably already at least...

Shutterstock 298430630

How Will Bond Funds Fare in a Rising-Rate Environment?

Mutual funds are arguably the most prolific investment product on the market and it’s easy to see...

Shutterstock 111649133
Mutual Fund Education

Mutual Fund-amentals

The mutual fund industry is a highly competitive space, with thousands of possibilities available...

Id 100291235
No-Load Funds

Breaking Down Load Versus No-Load Mutual Funds

Mutual funds arguably are the most commonly known investment products in which consumers actively...

Id 100271297
Specialized Funds

What Region Is Best for Emerging Market Mutual Funds

[Article updated by David Dierking on September 12, 2017]
With a stock market that is on pace to...

Id 100312207
Target-Date Funds

Target-Date Funds Might Not Be Helping as Much as You Think They Are

For people unfamiliar with investments such as stocks and bonds, much less things like options...

Mutual Fund Education

Top 5 Mutual Fund Managers

Chasing alpha means following fund managers with the greatest success records. Most investors are...

Mutual Fund Education

Redefining What Proper Asset Allocation Really Means

Asset allocation is a critical component to the success of any investment plan, whether it’s...

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