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David Dierking is a freelance writer focusing primarily on ETFs, mutual funds, dividend income strategies and retirement planning. He has spent more than 20 years in the financial services industry and his background includes experience in investment management, portfolio analytics and asset/liability management at both BMO Financial Group and Strong Capital Management. He has written for Seeking Alpha, Motley Fool, ETF Trends, ETF Daily News and Investopedia and was also included in the panel for’s “101 ETF Investing Tips from the Experts”. He has a B.A. in Finance from Michigan State University and lives in Wisconsin with his wife and two daughters.

Recent Content By David Dierking
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Mutual Fund Education

Benefits of Core-Satellite Investing

The core-satellite investing strategy involves splitting a portfolio into two parts.

The “core”...

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Mutual Fund Education

Understanding the Core-Satellite Approach to Portfolio Construction

In a world where analysts and advisors are espousing any number of ideas to help build the ‘right...

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Mutual Fund Education

Evaluating the Top 5 Winners and Laggards of 2017

2017 might be remembered as the year in which you could make money by investing in almost...

Shutterstock 104307470

Evaluating the Top 5 Winners and Laggards of 2017

2017 might be remembered as the year in which you could make money by investing in almost...

Target-Date Funds

Role of Target-Date Funds Within Hybrid-Defined Contribution Plans

Target-date funds (TDFs) have become incredibly popular in defined contribution plans, such as...

Mutual Fund Education

Introduction to "Clean Shares" in the Mutual Fund Space

The Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule has been great for investors looking to operate on a...

Mutual Fund Education

Evaluating the Most Important Criteria for Selecting an Appropriate Mutual Fund

Regardless of what your specific investment goals are, there are several easily identifiable...

Mutual Fund Education

Impact of Investment Advice on Portfolio Returns

For many investors, the financial markets and managing a portfolio of investments are far from...

Target-Date Funds

Implications of Using Alternative Assets in Target-Date Funds

For many years, target-date funds almost exclusively consisted of traditional stock, bond and...

Mutual Fund Education

Implications of Liquidity Risks in Mutual Funds

If you think commission is the only price you pay for buying or selling stocks and other...

Specialized Funds

Implications of Investing in Behavioral Finance-Oriented Mutual Funds

When it comes to investing, people are often their own worst enemies.

Actively Managed Funds

Are Active Fund Managers Worth It?

One of the biggest developments in the fund industry has been the massive migration of assets...

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Target-Date Funds

Implementing Smart Beta Strategies in Target-Date Funds

One of the complaints about target-date funds is that they have a tendency to be too rigid. They...

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Specialized Funds

Real Estate Mutual Funds With High Dividend Yields

With long-term Treasuries still yielding well below 3%, investors have been left to look for...

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International and Global Stock Funds

Currency Fluctuations and Their Impact on International Funds

When putting money into an international fund, investors need to be familiar with certain risks...

Shutterstock 499894318
Target-Date Funds

The Investment Case for Longer-Term Target-Date Funds

Today, target-date funds (TDFs) are nearly a $1 trillion industry.

Shutterstock 711707260
Target-Date Funds

Implications of Mixing Target Date and Non-target Date Strategies

A lot of investors make target-date funds (TDFs) a core part of their portfolios, but many don’t...

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Mutual Fund Education

Understanding the Trend in Mutual Fund Expenses

The markets will always go up and down and investors can never know for sure what type of return...

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Mutual Fund Education

Top 5 Reasons for Retail Investors to Invest in Passive Funds

Index funds have been around for decades, but it’s only in the past several years that investing...

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Money Market Funds

Government Money Market Mutual Funds May Be a Better Alternative to Cash

It’s generally suggested that most portfolios have at least a small allocation to cash. Not only...

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Target-Date Funds

Robo-Advisors: How They Fare Against Target-Date Funds

Robo advisors use computers and other trading algorithms to produce financial advice for clients...

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Mutual Fund Education

Introduction to Hedge Fund Strategies in Mutual Fund Investing

As billions of dollars continue to pour into passively managed index mutual funds, active...

Shutterstock 167978210
Mutual Fund Education

How Short Selling and Leverage Impact Your Mutual Fund Returns

One of the downsides of the fund industry boom is that it has produced some offerings that are...

Shutterstock 286156640
Target-Date Funds

Target-Date Funds Investing in Annuities May Provide Guaranteed Income

When it comes to retirement, investors are looking for a steady income stream that they’re...

Shutterstock 157920317
Target-Date Funds

How Will Rising Interest Rates and Inflation Impact Target-Date Funds?

After nearly seven years of zero-interest-rate policy, the Federal Reserve has begun lifting...

Shutterstock 535651726
Mutual Fund Education

A Long-Term Perspective on Infrastructure Funds

One of President Donald Trump’s campaign promises was to commit up to $1 trillion toward...

Shutterstock 407998837
Mutual Fund Education

How to Capitalize on Rising Populism in the UK

British citizens will be going to the polls on June 8 in a surprise snap election that could...

Shutterstock 42856108
Mutual Fund Education

Differentiating Between a Fund’s NAV and Total Return

Many investors assume that changes in a mutual fund’s net asset value (NAV) correlate directly to...

Shutterstock 413389780
Mutual Fund Education

What Is Floating NAV for Money Market Funds?

For decades, investors in money market mutual funds have assumed that their shares will always be...

Shutterstock 595029443
Mutual Fund Education

What Is Swing Pricing for Mutual Funds?

Fund providers continue to establish policies designed to protect their shareholders from...

Shutterstock 80061256
Mutual Fund Education

What Is Fair Value Pricing for Mutual Funds?

Most investors understand that a mutual fund’s net asset value (NAV) reflects the total value of...

Shutterstock 393304075
Target-Date Funds

Are Target-Date Funds Using the Right Benchmarks?

As target-date funds become more and more popular in both retirement plans and individual...

Shutterstock 376188994

Will Mutual Funds Have Higher Capital Gains Distributions This Year?

While the years-long bull market in equities has undoubtedly been welcomed by almost everyone, it...

Shutterstock 588521678

Mutual Fund Distributions: How Return of Capital Distributions Are Taxed

Most mutual fund investors are probably familiar with dividend and capital gains distributions...

Shutterstock 351904781

Mutual Fund Distributions: How Capital Gain Distributions Are Taxed

For mutual fund investors, taxes are inevitable. Even if you’re a long-term buy and hold...

Shutterstock 230948920
Target-Date Funds

Look out for ETFs Within Pre-packaged Target-Date Funds

There’s no question that target-date funds have been one of the industry’s more positive...

Shutterstock 363740909

Mutual Fund Distributions: How Dividend Distributions Are Taxed

Mutual funds are required by law to pass on any income they receive – whether it’s interest from...

Shutterstock 396091324

What Are Mutual Fund Distributions?

If you’ve ever opened up your year-end mutual fund account statement, you may have noticed that...

Target-Date Funds

How to Spot an Aggressive Target-Date Fund

Investors who take a look under the hood of their target-date fund might be in for a surprise....

Target-Date Funds

Mutual Funds Versus Collective Trust Funds

As target-date funds have evolved into one of the most popular investment vehicles in the...

Shutterstock 557625067
Target-Date Funds

Why Custom Target-Date Funds May Be a Better Option Than Traditional Ones

Target-date funds continue to be the default investment of choice among employer-sponsored...

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Shutterstock 549441760
Target-Date Funds

A Great Solution to 'Paralysis by Analysis'

For many individuals, investing can be a scary proposition. This fact becomes especially...

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Target-Date Funds

Understanding the Tax Implications of Target-Date Funds

Investing isn’t necessarily intuitive for most people, which is why target-date funds have become...

Shutterstock 468924620
Index Fund Center

Understanding the Differences Between Index Funds

The continued growth and popularity of index funds have made them the go-to investment of choice...

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