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An Introduction to Drawdown Risk

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Justin Frankel joined "RiverPark": in June of 2013 when the Wavecrest Partners Fund I was converted into the RiverPark Structural Alpha Fund. Prior to co-founding Wavecrest in September of 2008, Justin managed the Structured Investments business at Morgan Stanley. He began his career on the floor of the NYSE working for a Specialist firm before becoming a market maker for a NASDAQ trading firm in the late 1990s. Justin also worked at Merrill Lynch where he helped grow their structured products business before becoming a Private Wealth Advisor at UBS. Justin has a B.A. from Lehigh University in International Relations and was a Martindale Scholar. He is also a regular contributor to Yahoo Finance. In addition, Justin runs his own blog, "The Whipping Post":

Recent Content By Justin Frankel
Expert Analysis and Commentary

Liquid Alternatives Begin to Address Performance Questions, But Concerns Remain

As the popularity of liquid-alternative funds increases, there remain concerns over how these...

Expert Analysis and Commentary

What The Recent Vanguard Announcement Means For The Liquid Alternatives Industry

Earlier this month Vanguard registered to launch the Vanguard Alternative Strategies Fund, thus...

Expert Analysis and Commentary

The Outlook for Liquid Alternatives in 2015

As 2015 begins, there are over 500 registered alternative strategy mutual funds with over a...

Expert Analysis and Commentary

Liquid Alternatives Are a Tool, Not a Fad

From the perspective of the Liquid Alternatives market, 2014 should go down as the year the...

Expert Analysis and Commentary

Where Can Liquid Alternatives Fit in a Portfolio?

Liquid alternatives have become a more prevalent and important tool in the investors’ tool box....

Expert Analysis and Commentary

4 Key Points About Liquid Alternatives

Wealthy investors have traditionally embraced alternative investments because of the benefits...

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