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Top 100 Investing Themes by Search Popularity

Below you will find the most popular investing themes among fund investors (according to Google)....


Top 500 Mutual Funds by Search Popularity

Below is a list of the most searched mutual funds according to Google. We have compiled this list...

Q&As and Interviews

Want to Invest in the New Hot IPO? A Q&A With Kathleen Smith, Founding Principal of Renaissance Capital and the Global IPO Fund

We recently spoke with Kathleen Smith of Renaissance Capital about the IPO market in 2015 as well...

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Expert Analysis and Commentary

Do Upside and Downside Capture Ratios Predict Mutual Fund Performance?

The importance of actively managed mutual funds in the financial sector has led to substantial...

Expert Analysis and Commentary

Interest Rate Risk and the Low-Volatility Anomaly

One of the problems for the first formal asset pricing model developed by financial economists,...

Expert Analysis and Commentary

Stock Market Efficiency: Micro or Macro Efficient?

One of the great debates in finance is whether stock markets are efficient or inefficient. In...

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