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Sam Bourgi is contributing writer for and, where he brings more than seven years of progressive experience in economic research, market analysis, and public policy. A published author in peer-reviewed literature, industry research and financial media, Sam has produced authoritative reports covering the financial markets, labor market, and industry verticals. He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from McMaster University, with a focus on economic policy and global political economy.

Recent Content By Sam Bourgi
Mutual Fund Education

What is an In-Kind Redemption for Mutual Funds?

Although in-kind redemptions aren’t nearly as common for mutual funds as they are for other...

Actively Managed Funds

What is an Active Share?

Actively managed funds give investors the opportunity to outperform the market. Of course, they...

Financial Advisor Center

What is Adjusted NAV?

Investors who rely on mutual funds to grow their wealth often overlook the importance of the...

Mutual Fund Education

Factor Investing: An Overview

The impact of data and technology on our investment decisions has elevated the role of factors in...

Mutual Fund Education

Learn About Class R Shares

Mutual funds have become a staple of the modern investor. If you have a 401(k) or...

Mutual Fund Education

Who Are Institutional Investors?

In the world of finance, institutional investors are a powerful force. They dictate supply and...

Mutual Fund Education

How to Buy Mutual Funds

’How to buy mutual funds’ is a topic that comes up frequently among new investors. Luckily, the...

Asset Allocation

Understanding Strategic Asset Allocation

While markets don’t always behave rationally, their performance usually mirrors the expectations...

Mutual Fund Education

Alternative Mutual Funds vs. Hedge Funds

Despite being overlooked by a large segment of the investing community, alternative mutual funds...

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Mutual Fund Education

Understanding Socially Responsible Investing

For many investors in today’s world, profitability is no longer the sole motivation of successful...


Mutual Funds Weekly Roundup: August 21 Edition provides weekly information about any material impact on the mutual funds...

Mutual Fund Education

What are Green Bond Funds?

In the age of environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility, green bond funds are...

Mutual Fund Education

Tips for Picking the Best Active Fund Managers

Investors are routinely faced with pertinent questions about how to best manage their portfolio....

Shutterstock 571032430
Bond Funds

Characteristics of Bond Funds

The financial markets are undergoing profound change, with rising interest rates, geopolitical...

Shutterstock 735158134
International and Global Stock Funds

Implications of the German Elections on Investment Portfolios

German Chancellor Angela Merkel secured her fourth term in office last month after her...

Shutterstock 544411042%20%281%29
International and Global Stock Funds

Is It Worth Getting an Exposure to India?

As one of the world’s fastest growing economies, India has long captured the imagination of...

Shutterstock 229270690
Mutual Fund Education

Implications of the UK Election on Your Portfolio

When British Prime Minister Theresa May called for a snap election back in April, her...

Shutterstock 190865999
Fixed-Income Funds

Impact of Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis on Your Portfolio

Recently, Puerto Rico sought what is essentially bankruptcy relief in federal court – a move that...

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