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Stoyan Bojinov is an Analyst with ETFdb.com, Dividend.com, and TraderHQ.com where he contributes articles on a daily basis. Stoyan has been active in the markets since 2008 and his areas of interest and expertise include, ETF portfolio management, technical analysis, swing trading, and macroeconomic analysis. He graduated from DePaul University with a bachelor's degree in finance and joined the ETFdb team in 2011 where he has become an influential voice in the industry. Stoyan is also responsible for constructing and maintaining ETFdb’s lineup of all-ETF model portfolios as well as publishing premium content, including ETFdb's monthly ETF Edge Newsletter.

Recent Content By Stoyan Bojinov

Analyst Moves for December 5: What They Mean for Mutual Fund Investors (GOOGL, NOC)

On Friday morning, there were several big-name analyst moves that were announced. Below are the...

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25 Tips Every Mutual Fund Investor Should Know

The sheer growth and proliferation of the mutual fund industry has opened up the doors to asset...


Fund of the Week: Matthews Asia Growth Fund

Asia-Pacific markets saw a jolt of euphoria on the last trading day of October after the Bank of...

Lighter Side: Quizzes and More

Quiz: Which Country Has a Higher GDP?

When it comes to international markets, investors are quick to look at a country's gross domestic...

Big Mutual Funds Eyeing Alibaba (BABA) IPO

All eyes are set on Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd. (BABA) this morning as the company gears up to...

What the 9/12 Retail Sales Report Means for Mutual Fund Investors

The latest retail sales report was encouraging, as consumer spending increased during the month...

What the 9/5 Employment Report Means for Mutual Fund Investors

The latest employment report showed signs of hiring slowing down as the nonfarrm payrolls number...

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