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British Election 2017

Mutual Fund Education

Implications of the UK Election on Your Portfolio

Sam Bourgi Jul 11, 2017

Against this backdrop, investors are wondering about the impact of the latest election result on their portfolio. With the future of UK-EU trade relations hanging in the balance, market participants are looking to readjust their holdings to reflect likely scenarios stemming from Brexit negotiations.

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Financial and Economic Impacts of Brexit Talks

Britain’s benchmark index has soared to record highs in the aftermath of the referendum result. However, the long-term outlook on share prices is far less certain. What is clear is that Brexit fears are making some companies think twice about expanding their footprint in the UK. This is especially true for London’s financial hub, which has strong links throughout the EU guided by common regulatory frameworks.

In this environment, private equity firms have been forced to look further afield for yield. It remains to be seen whether UK private equity will adjust to the new political reality or seek sanctuary across borders.

The country’s housing market has also been tainted by uncertainty surrounding EU exit talks. Although home prices rose in May for the first time in five months, regional markets like London could experience a prolonged pinch as exit negotiations continue. Data from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors also shows a broad slowdown in housing transactions across the country. This is partly attributed to Brexit uncertainty and partly as a result of lower supplies.

Investment Themes to Consider Following UK Election

Below are three themes that investors could consider when navigating the UK amid Brexit talks.

Europe Exposure

Fund investors in pursuit of a hedge against Brexit volatility might not have to look far at all. Funds with exposure to Europe provide a strong catalyst for growth given the recent inflow of capital to the region. Even U.S. fund managers are growing bullish on European equities, and expect a rotation out of Wall Street and into Europe as the latter expands its recovery efforts. Vanguard Europe Stock Index Instl (VESIX) and Fidelity Europe (FIEUX) have both returned stellar gains so far this year.

Growth Equity Funds

Brexit risks notwithstanding, 2017 has seen a broad pickup in risk appetite. Although this is expected to induce heavier volatility, it could also favor growth stocks, which are defined as companies whose earnings are forecast to grow faster than the industry average. The Vanguard Growth Index Admiral (VIGAX), which is a low-cost, passively managed fund that bets on U.S. large-caps, returned more than 11% over the last six months. The ‘fund of funds’ Franklin Corefolio Allocation Advisor (FCAZX) is another potential play for investors looking for growth stocks in U.S. and foreign markets, having returned more than 7% over the last six months.

Alternative Funds

The market for alternative investments is expanding at a rapid rate as investors look for a more unconventional approach to growing their portfolios. Alternative funds include strategies tied to currencies, managed futures, market neutral and credit arbitrage. Calamos Market Neutral Income I (CMNIX) is one of the largest market neutral funds with more than $4.4 billion in net assets. The Aberdeen Equity Long-Short A (MLSAX) is a solid long-short play that invests a large portion of its fund in U.S. equities.

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The Bottom Line

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